1825 32nd Avenue, Stone Park IL, 60165
(708) 345-5550

Vehicle Stickers

Every owner of a motor vehicle or motor bike who resides within the Village or owns a vehicle which has its base within the Village must display a valid Village of Stone Park vehicle sticker. Annual stickers are valid from July 1 through June 30. New residents should bring the current vehicle registration with their Stone Park address when applying for a sticker for the first time to the Village Hall. All the necessary information for the application can be found on the registration.

Renewal forms are no longer mailed annually.

Have overnight visitors?  Overnight parking for non-Stone Park residents is permitted 12 days per year per residence. Vehicles must be called in daily at Stone Park Police Non-emergency 708-450-3216

REQUIREMENTS for Stone Park Vehicle Stickers:

• Current and valid vehicle registration with Stone Park address

• Valid Identification – Government Issued with same address as vehicle registration

o Driver’s License

o State ID

o Matricula Consular

o Passport with Proof of Residency (see below)

 If necessary for proof of residency one of the following may be used. Bills and statements must be current & have same address as vehicle registration:

o NICOR bill

o Phone Bill (Landline or Cell)

o ComEd bill

o Bank Statement

o Paycheck Stub

o Cable bill

Senior (65 years and older) are eligible for 1 free sticker per household