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Resident Responsibilities



As part of your contribution to your community,  it is very important that your home and lawn be well maintained  at all times.  Your property  must be free of debris, as well as a control of weeds and lawn height.  Items on your home that may be hazardous to your family as well as others must be addressed in a timely manner.  Residential and Commercial Code Enforcers are the Village’s authorized personnel that assure maintenance throughout the Village. If you have questions pertaining to home or property issues, please call the Village Hall to speak to Code Enforcement.


As part of the beautification vision for the Village, erection of fences in the front part of  a property are no longer permitted.  Fencing will only be permitted from the front side of the home to the  apron of the rear.  Homes that currently have fencing in the front of their homes will be grandfathered in.  Those fences may be repaired or replaced, although, all fences must be maintained and free of hazards.  Permit for a new or replacement fence must be obtained through the Clerk’s Office.


As the maintenance of your home is important, just as well is the  number of individuals that occupy a home.  Occupancy is first determined by assessment of either a single family or multi-family dwelling and by the amount of SF in a home.  For health and safety reasons our Village follows BOCA regulations pertaining to home occupancy and building safety.  Following these regulations will assure that the Residents of the Village are living in the best possible conditions.  Home owners and Landlords will be cited for violation of these regulations.


To many people, pets are just as much a family member as oneself.  Assuring the safety of your pet(s), family and neighbors is a pet owners responsibility.  All pets in the Village must obtain a license (pet tag).  Licenses(pet tag) are available at Village Hall at no cost. To obtain  this, your must provide a rabies number that is issued by a licensed Veterinarian.   Large pets or those considered dangerous by nature, must be muzzled at all times that the pet is not on your property and is on Public property.  These pets while on your property must be kept in either a fenced area or leashed.    The number of pets allowed per household in the Village is 3 dogs/cats.  Consideration to your neighbors and community will be expected when curbing your pet.   Licensing of your pets will also serve as a unit of Id, in the case that your pet is lost and then found.


Vehicle Registration

New and current Residents must have all of their vehicles (to include, motorcycles and Rv’s) of which are garaged in the Village, registered to the Village of Stone Park.  Registration for vehicles and personal information, such as Drivers License and ID can be performed at the Secretary of State.  The most convenient Secretary of State is located off of Mannheim Road in the Melrose Park Crossing Shopping Center, by Mannheim and North.

Village Vehicle Sticker

To view Village Vehicle Sticker information please click here.


Parking regulations have been established, as an effort to control the parking situations throughout the Village.   Overnight visitor parking is permitted by advising the Police Department of an overnight guest.   To do this call the Police non-emergency number at (708) 450-3216 by 10PM.  Parking citations are issued to those not on the “Call In” list.  Guests will be allowed to call in their vehicles up to 12 times a year per guest vehicle, as well as those that have just moved in.  Overnight parking of Commercial vehicles is not allowed on Village residential streets.

For Street Cleaning Parking regulations. Eastside on Tuesdays and Westside on Wednesdays