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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage and recycling is picked up weekly on Tuesdays by Republic Services.  Garbage and recycling bins are provided to each residence.  For safety reasons, please keep the garbage bins closed.  Any items that do not fit in the bin can be placed next to the containers the evening before or the day of garbage pick up.  Yard waste must be put in proper refuse bags you may purchase at your local retailers.

We recommend moving your garbage bins onto your property after garbage is collected.  Replacement bins are $95 each.

For more information on how to proper dispose of items, please visit the EPA’s website:  http://www.epa.illinois.gov/topics/waste-management/index

Per law, TVs and many other electronic items cannot be discarded into our landfills.  Please visit the Village Hall to purchase the required stickers for disposal.  Our Public Works will pick up the devices and dispose of them properly.

Large branches are picked up by our Public Works team on Mondays during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Please place the branches facing in the same direction on the parkway.

Republic Services
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Billing for garbage service is on the residential water bill.